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Improve the ROI of your Shopify app with highly experienced marketing experts 🚀

How we work

We work directly with you to understand your goals (usually increase MRR and ROI, right?), we then map out a strategy for you to successfully position, launch and grow your app on Shopify.

Once we have a plan, we match you with fellow marketing experts who will focus on "doing the do" and getting shit done. We check in every month to keep projects moving forward.

We are armed with marketing frameworks and processes that are proven to help Shopify apps stand out from the growing amount of competition on the Shopify App Store.

We are a collective of Shopify app marketing and growth experts for apps of all shapes, sizes and budgets. Whether you want to do it with an expert, have them do it for you, or do it yourself – we have a solution.

From team workshops & strategic reports to audits, consultancy and ongoing support such as content creation, we can cater to how you like to work.

"Working with Kollectify to optimise Spotrisk's Shopify app listing was simple, quick and effective. They understood our product's core value prop, unique differences and positioning and were able to package this into an update that saw instant results. Kollectify's keyword research, effective copywriting and industry expertise is a service that I would recommend to any application looking to get better ROI from their Shopify listing."
Jordan Lewis
Co-Founder, Spotrisk

Here are some of the projects our experts would be delighted to help you with:

Shopify App Marketing Consultancy

  • For a more 1-1 style of working together on your Shopify app marketing, our consultancy service is for you 😊
  • Often suited to new Shopify apps with a founder lead approach, prior to having built a marketing team in-house

Shopify App Marketing Strategy

  • For a more hands-off approach with minimal input from you and your team
  • A combination of a "done with you", and "done for you". Starting with a workshop style approach, leading to our team developing a solid marketing strategy for your Shopify app
  • Often suited to those with a marketing team who need Shopify App Marketing specialism

Shopify App Marketing Execution

  • For those of you who already have a marketing strategy - either developed in-house or by Kollectify
  • Do you lack the time, resource or expertise to execute on your marketing straregy? This is for you.
  • Often suited to Shopify app teams with or without an in-house marketing team

Would you prefer to learn how to successfully position and market your Shopify app in-house using our proven framework?

Our program is for you!

You'll learn how to: 

  • Get more people seeing your listing versus the competition
  • Increase conversions and instals 
  • Boost retention of customers for a higher recurring income

You'll also have the option to be introduced to THE BEST people and tools to help you develop and execute your marketing strategy!

Screenshot of inside the Shopify app marketing program with Kollectify