Content Marketing Strategy.

We start by studying your business, your target audience & your competition.

Through this, we develop a clear direction for how to communicate with your ideal customers, stand out from your competition & get seen by merchants through the power of compelling content & copy.

To give you an idea of how we work, we have detailed our process below.

Content Marketing Strategy
Our Process.


Through our in-depth research process, we work with you to discover what success looks like for you and your business. 

We’ll dig in to key areas like:

  • Business goals: want more subscribers in 6 months? Or higher-value clients that stick around?
  • Your main competitors: what you admire about them and what you don’t like so much
  • Your ideal customers: do you have a customer wish list? Are you reaching them?
  • Sales and marketing: what are the biggest challenges to selling your product or service? How can we solve these challenges?
  • Product/service: how do your customers use your product or service? What do they love and what might they struggle with?


With our in-depth research skills, we speak to your customers to discover what they really think about your product or service…

Expect the following magic to happen:

We survey and get on the phone with your customers to understand:

  • Why your customers fall in love with your product or service
  • Exactly why customers choose you over your competitors
  • How your customers feel when looking for a product or service like yours
  • How you’ll consistently attract and convert potential customers through copy and content marketing
  • What your ideal customers are searching for on Google and other search engines (SEO)

3. Content analysis.

Next, we analyze your competitors’ content and their online presence.

We undertake an extremely thorough competitor content marketing analysis:

  • Analyzing yours and your competitors’ content marketing strategy: SEO keyword analysis, articles, guest posts, podcasts, ebooks, guides and more
  • Utilizing your competitors’ best ideas and learn from their mistakes
  • Highlighting opportunities for a unique position for your product or service in the market


We create a solid content marketing strategy that captures and keeps your dream customers with you for life.

We carefully craft the following:

  • Persona profiles: listing precisely who your desired customers are and how you can reel them in, close and convert them through valuable content…
  • Your unique position: your product or service, your offer  benefits and why they choose to be loyal to you…
  • Style and tone of voice: ensuring your powerful message stays uniform and is represented throughout all areas of your content…
  • Themes and topics: defining the themes and topics you’ll build authority around in your niche within the Shopify ecosystem…


Now that your strategy and brand messaging is complete, let’s make it happen!

We design tactical and organised content marketing roadmaps to deliver unique, original content that outshines your biggest competitors…

Features of your plan for success will include:

  • A recommended direction: of travel for your content marketing efforts
  • A recommended editorial calendar: in line with your budget and goals: content types, keywords, key topics, themes and angles moving forward
  • Actionable plan: a practical guide for your whole team to ensure everyone is aligned with your overall business goals

Work with us.

And there you have it, a bombproof plan to accelerate your business and stand out from the crowd.

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Content Writing.

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We work to optimize your Shopify app listing, your website and your social media channels by writing compelling content and copy…

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