Content Creation.

Our team of content writing specialists know and understand e-commerce and Shopify inside out. Many of us have worked at Shopify, too.

We provide high quality, well-researched content that strikes e-commerce merchants and turns them into loyal customers for apps and agencies in the Shopify ecosystem.

If you want to transform your Shopify app or agency into a must-have element for any scaling e-commerce business, talk to us today.

Content matters. Don’t neglect it.

Content writing
Our Process.

1. Research.

We dedicate the time to carry out in-depth research for each piece of content we create to ensure it is THE BEST on the internet.

This involves things like:

  • SEO and keyword research
  • Topic and theme research
  • Inbound link building
  • Interviewing Shopify experts
  • Surveys and more…

2. Writing.

We craft original content and copy, encapsulating the true essence of your business, through mediums such as:

  • Shopify App Store listings
  • In-depth articles and blogs
  • Ebooks/guides
  • Case Studies and Reports
  • Web Copy and Social Media Posts

3. Editing.

We pride ourselves on our attention to detail in everything we create. We want you to be happy and confident in your copy and content.

This is why we always accept feedback and listen and adapt to your needs when perfecting your content marketing strategy.

4. Launch.

The content is now launch-ready and we’re all excited!

It’s time to press the publish button…


5. Analyse.

And we don’t just stop there… We work with you to track, monitor and measure how your new copy and content is performing using detailed analytical tools to measure and analyze data.

We provide monthly functional reports so that we can act upon what works and what might need a little more love, all the while formulating the next game plan for continued success.

Work with us.

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Content Marketing Strategy.

If you struggle with developing strategic ideas for content , you’ll need a hand with your content marketing strategy too.

Using our expertise, we design and develop highly effective content marketing strategies focused on attracting and converting ecommerce merchants.

Content Marketing Strategy